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Related to the European Commission:

  • LIFE -  The EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the EU, as well as in some candidate, acceding and neighbouring countries. LIFE has funded conservation projects since 1992. To find information on previous projects funded by the LIFE program please look at the LIFE database.
  • Nature & Biodiversity - European Commission - The EU is committed to the protection of biodiversity, and to halting biodiversity loss within the EU by 2020. This site contains information on European policies and legal frameworks (such as Natura 2000 and Birds and Habitats Directives, which form the backbone of the EU's internal biodiversity policy).
  • Environment Directorate-General - The objective of the Directorate-General (DG Environment) is to protect, preserve and improve the environment for present and future generations. To achieve this it proposes policies that ensure a high level of environmental protection in the European Union and that preserve the quality of life of EU citizens.
  • The European Land Stewardship Week - The European Land Stewardship week is an initiative in line with the LANDLIFE project. It aims to boost land stewardship as a nature conservation tool, its resources and biodiversity. The initiative is targeted at the general public, land stewardship associations and other nature conservation organizations, landowners, farmers and other specific agents.

In Europe:

  • Natural England & Stewardship - Natural England targets their funded schemes, knowledge and advice to farmers and land managers throughout the country, whilst giving guidance and leadership to their partners, farming community and government.
  • High Nature Value Farming - An inspiring European initiative to support high nature value farming (HNV): the concept of High Nature Value farming developed from a growing recognition that the conservation of biodiversity in Europe depends on the continuation of low-intensity farming systems. This website includes an overview of several HNV projects carried out in EU Member States.
  • European Water Stewardship - European Water Stewardship (EWS) is the integrative system for business and agriculture to assess, verify and communicate sustainable water management practices. It is coordinated by the European Water Partnership (EWP) and follows on the Water Vision for Europe.
  • European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism (EFNCP) - EFNCP is a Europe-wide network which raises awareness of the importance of low-intensity farming for nature conservation and aims to improve the way public policies respond to the needs of these farming systems.


European Environmental Projects (Supported by LIFE) :

  • 3watEr (Belgium) -  Ecological restoration in close participation with public and private landowners and through a 'triple-E' approach; Ecology, Economy and Education.
  • Aquatic Warbler (Lithuania & Latvia) - Bringing together organizations to address conservation of globally threatened Aquatic Warbler species by promoting sustainable farming practices, restoring important habitats and raising public awareness.
  • BioDiVine (France) - Biodiversity management and restoration in viticultural landscapes (i.e. vineyards)
  • Life+ ACQUOR (Italy) - Restoration of the groundwater balance in the Vicenza Upper Plain and ensure the sustainable use of this resource by current and future generations.
  • Life Elia (Belgium & France) - Creation of green corridors under overhead electrical lines in wooded areas, as a means of enhancing biodiversity. Collaboration between NGOs, public organisations and private electricity transmission companies (ELIA, Belgium & RTE, France).
  • PP-ICON (Italy) - Plant-Pollinator Integrated CONservation approach: a demonstrative proposal.
  • Return of Rural Wetlands (Finland) - Local participation and innovative methods for cost-effective large-scale wetland restoration.
  • Soil Mantana (Basque Region) - Agricultural ecosystem health cards: conservation of soil and vegetal diversity in mountain and valley basin grazing areas.


Outside Europe:

  • Land stewardship in the USA - The mission of this Land Stewardship Project is to foster an ethic of stewardship for farmland, to promote sustainable agriculture and to develop sustainable communities.
  • Conservation Land Stewardship (USA) - Conservation Land Stewardship (CLS) is a landscape restoration and management firm focused on the integration of native plant communities into culturally sustainable landscape systems.
  • Land stewardship in Canada - The Land Stewardship Centre develops and delivers programs and resources for land owners, land managers and community stewardship groups.

Best LIFE Information project

best life

The LANDLIFE project (LIFE10 INF/ES/540) will be awarded one of the 5 best LIFE Information projects 2015.

  • Landlife Congress
    • Land Trust Alliance Rally 2016

      National Land Conservation Conference (29th year of Rally). Minneapolis.
      Organized by the Land Trust Alliance. From 28th to 30th of October.

    • Natura 2000 Day

      Natura 2000 Day

      In May, people across Europe will get to celebrate the European Union's Natura 2000 network. A variety of exciting events are being organised at Natura 2000 sites on and around Saturday, 21 May 2016 for members of the public and visitors to these protected havens.

    • Workshop on sustainable forestry in the UK

      The 1st workshop in a series of 4 will take place in Milverton, Somerset, UK from 17-20 March 2016.



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