Land: Quality of Life. LandLife Congress -

Land: Quality of Life . First European Land Stewardship Congress

The city of Barcelona will hold "Land: Quality of Life",- the first European land stewardship Congress - from the 5th to the 8th of November 2014, organised by the LandLife project, which aims to boost land stewardship, - a conservation strategy based on the co-responsibility of land users and landowners to manage and protect land and natural resources. Land Stewardship means people taking care of the Earth.

The Congress will take place at Cosmocaixa in Barcelona, the first interactive Science Museum in Spain. During the Congress -attendants will be able to share and exchange -experiences and knowledge - on land stewardship, -nature and biodiversity conservation,-and natural resources management -through several workshops, round tables and poster presentations. The Barcelona Declaration of Land Stewardship, which aims to promote a European network of land stewardship, will be elaborated and signed during the Congress.

A wider number of parallel activities such as film and photo exhibitions, networking spaces, role games and visits to the Science Museum, the Flooded Forest or the Planetarium will complement the Congress programme.

A full-day field trip is planned for the last day of the Congress. Attendants will discover the experiences of land stewardship and - Sustainable Agriculture Practices - in the area of Alt Empordà. You will also be guided through the wetlands and forests of the Selva region to gain some experiences of sustainable land management for biodiversity conservation.

Join us at the LandLife Congress and add your voice to this movement for caring together about nature!  


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