Land stewardship & European and sectoral policies

Land stewardship can be used as a practical tool to implement nature and biodiversity conservation measures in Europe as it complements many European policies and approaches like Natura 2000, the Common Agrarian Policy (CAP), the Habitats and Birds Directives, the Water Framework Directive, the Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection and the European Green Infrastructure strategy. Land stewardship can also help implementing the objectives of the 2020 Biodiversity Strategy, which aims to ensure Europe's sustainable development by integrating the value of biodiversity in the economy and society, as well as the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change.

The implementation of European policy contributes to empower land stewardship organisations and networks at the international level, and gives projects an innovative, transnational, comparative and broader scope, as well as to access to a wide variety of new possibilities.

At the same time, land stewardship offers enormous potential to address certain social and political issues related to agriculture - e.g. soil protection, water quality and sustainable land use; food quality and short circuits- ; the economy - e.g. green economy, eco-tourism, green infrastructure, ecological corridors, ecosystem services and rural development; social policies - e.g. social cohesion, quality of life and health; the climate change, etc.

The main topics tackled in this thematic block are:

  • How can European policies and institutions help to strengthen and promote land stewardship initiatives?;
  • Political lobbying at the regional and European level: the involvement of European institutions and national and regional governments;
  • How can land stewardship complement and help in implementing European policies on nature and biodiversity conservation, such as the objectives of the 2020 Biodiversity Strategy?;
  • What benefits does land stewardship offer for the management of Natura 2000 sites?;
  • What is or can be the role of land stewardship in the implementation of agriculture, economy and social policies? What kind of mechanisms can help strengthen the link between these policies and land stewardship?;
  • What kinds of opportunities does land stewardship offer for soil, water and land protection? How can it contribute to the protection of soil as a common good?;
  • Best practices aimed at the control of land consumption;
  • Land stewardship and high nature value agriculture and the role of land stewardship in sustainable agricultural production;
  • Potential role of land stewardship in the development and application of climate change policies.


2020 Biodiversity Strategy Natura 2000 New Biogeographical Process Common Agrarian Policy Habitats and Birds Directives Soil protection Green infrastructure Green economy Eco-tourism Ecosystem services Climate change Social policies

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