Funding Land Stewardship

There are many options available for financing land stewardship, and the identification of the most adequate funding sources is key to guarantee its development. Workshops organised under this thematic block will explore not only classical funds, but also innovative and alternative mechanisms for financing land stewardship initiatives.

Land stewardship organisations can benefit from many European financial instruments to develop and implement initiatives and projects. This block presents classical European financial instruments like the LIFE+ programme, but also other funds that may also be used to finance land stewardship initiatives, such the European Fisheries Fund or the European Agricultural Fund.

Land stewardship can also seek and benefit from funds from public institutions at state, regional and local level, as well as from private organisations such foundations, social agencies or even enterprises as part of sponsorship, patronage and corporate social responsibility measures.

The main topics tackled in this thematic block are:

  • Which European funds will be relevant for stewardship projects? Potentialities and problems in accessing European funds;
  • Should European funds have a specific line for land stewardship projects?
  • Private funds: sponsorship, patronage, corporate social responsibility, etc.
  • Fundraising and other innovative financial mechanisms;
  • New financial possibilities to develop and implement land stewardship initiatives and projects.


European financial instruments LIFE+ programme Public and private funds Alternative mechanisms Fundraising

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