Communicating Land Stewardship

Since land stewardship is a strategy that tries to connect people with nature, communication is a crucial tool for land stewardship organisations. Not only landowners, but also the public in general, need to be aware of the services such organisations provide to local communities and society. Furthermore, the diversity of nature conservation approaches in Europe makes it necessary to further increase the knowledge on land stewardship as a useful tool for nature and biodiversity conservation among stakeholders.

This thematic block is aimed specially at land stewardship organisations and stakeholders working in land stewardship who are interested in exploring the communication dimension of land stewardship. It will present a wide range of communication initiatives and strategies.

The main topics tackled in this thematic block are:

  • Innovative mechanisms and tools to improve knowledge and communication of land stewardship both at the regional and European level;
  • Challenges and difficulties in communicating land stewardship;
  • The role of private and public organisations at the local, regional and European level in the dissemination and communication of land stewardship;
  • Best practices and examples of land stewardship communication campaigns; Debating the benefits of a common communication strategy at European level.


Innovative mechanisms Communication challenges Communication strategy Role of stakeholders Best practices

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